Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another angry young man

Continuing my reading through Job this morning I got up to chapter 32 where the angry young man Elihu speaks his mind. My post last year suggested that perhaps he was so angry because he was scared that the answers were not as simple or as definite as he wished.
Coincidentally, later in the day I read an article Wayne Rooney faces two-game ban for a recent expletive filled outburst in front of the TV cameras. It was interesting to read what Harry Rednapp (manager of rival Tottenham Hotspurs) said about successful young footballers:
"Why is he so angry? I don't remember Bobby Charlton doing that when he scored or smashed one in from 30 yards, or Jimmy Greaves.
"Why do some of these young players have to be so angry with the world? They're getting hundreds of thousands of pounds to play. I respect him as a player, but he's a silly boy and he shouldn't have done it."


  1. Surely Rednapp has a point and Rooney should get some perspective. But surely we wouldn't want to join him in the assumption that money and success should take away anger and replace it with contentedness. Why should we be surprised when those caught up in the powers of market and fame are no less troubled, or even more troubled, than others?

  2. I know through my own experiences that passion for something can very often come out wrongly. I don't see Rooney as an angry young man in general, just a very passionate footballer who sometimes doesn't behave in a very professional manner. Charlton and Greaves had their own flaws.

  3. Thanks for both the comments. They are very insightful and helpful.

  4. The boy Rooney responded to scoring a bit better last night. United!

    (Guess which team I support.)