Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Recommended resource on science and Christian belief

I continue to be impressed by the journal Science and Christian Belief. Besides major articles each issue contains a large number of book reviews. It really helps deciding what books may be worth reading and getting succinct summaries of what is out there.

The latest issue has a positive review by Graeme Finlay of the book I love Jesus and I accept evolution by Denis Lamoureux (his website at the University of Alberta is also worth looking at).

The only thing I find disappointing about the journal is that like most journals, conferences, books, blogs, ... on science and Christianity it spends too much time talking about evolution...


  1. Do you know Zygon? I don't think I've ever seen an article on evolution in it. (Don't quote me on that, though!)

  2. I think the obsession with evolution may be that it touches people more directly than cosmology does. I mean, if someone comes out with an inflammatory statement like 'YOU are a product of chance' or 'I'll believe evolution when I see a monkey give birth to a human', I think people will give it more focus than when people talk about multiple bubble universes etc.

    I do agree with Ross, I just think we should not be surprised.

  3. The interest in evolution, to the exclusion of other scientific areas of study, is a particularly American phenomenon... I saw John Polkinghorne on a panel once, and he mentioned this fact - in the UK, he said, people usually ask about physics (his specialty).

    Zygon has a more international constituency, and isn't as focused on Christian theology, so the subject matter tends to be more broad.