Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Theological foundations for apologetics

This might be considered from four different aspects, following notes from the Moore College Correspondence course written by Andrew Reid.

1. Creation
God has left his imprint on the world.
Order, beauty, and design are present.
We are made in the image of God.
Humans have rationality, personality, truth, goodness, conscience, and morality.
What is the origin of and explanation for these things?

2. Redemption
Things are not the way they ought to be.
Humans are fallen. Our ability to think about creation and about God is corrupted.
We suppress the truth about God.
By being redeemed through Christ we can begin to see ourselves, creation, and God rightly.

3. Revelation
The Bible records God’s self-revelation in history: through Israel, Jesus, and the Apostles.
The Holy Spirit takes this word about the Word of God and reveals its truth to us.

4. The Incarnation
God desires to make himself known to us.
God’s method is to be with us (Emmanuel) through becoming human.
This identification and humility provides both motivation and methodology for apologetics.

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