Tuesday, March 27, 2012

5 types of argument for the existence of God

This week in the Apologetics course we are looking at the 5 main types of philosophical argument that have been historically used to argue for the existence of God. The course notes nicely summarise them with the figure below.
So what is the role of these arguments in apologetics?
To me, they show the limited role of reason. Even if one accepts one or more of these arguments they tell us nothing about the character of this God or Supreme Being, or the action of this God in history, or how we can or should relate to this God.
To me, none of these arguments presents a particularly compelling “stand alone” argument. I find the Moral and Teleological arguments the most convincing, perhaps because they are not just purely philosophical but engage with external evidence. On the other hand, putting all the arguments together with a Biblical world view, they may suggest that faith in God is not unreasonable.

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