Thursday, March 29, 2012

Science and religion in the secular university

Is there a role for academic studies of the relations between science and religion in secular universities? First, this is a fascinating intellectual issue with a long history.
Second, public misunderstanding about the relationship between science and religion presents major problems for society. Mutual hostility between entrenched parties on both sides is:
  • endangering civil public debate 
  • endangering the quality of science education
  • eroding public support for science 
  • undermining the contribution and credibility of the church in public ethical and political debate. 

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  1. Hello again, Prof. McKenzie.
    I should be doing more work on EPR reading (...) but as a student in such an environment I felt that this particular post is a good summary of the current problems we have in 'two great searches for understanding'. With the way you have put them, it is almost as if 'secular science' and 'religion' should team up and respect each other's position! This way they can both engage each other and challenge each other in the way they are meant to.