Thursday, April 19, 2012

Barth and Rationality

I was honoured to be asked to write an endorsement for a forthcoming book, Barth and Rationality: Critical Realism in theology by Paul La Montagne, to be published by Wipf and Stock. It is based on his doctoral dissertation from Princeton Theological Seminary. I read this a decade ago and it got me started on exploring the interaction of Barth's theology with the natural sciences.
Here is what I wrote. 
Karl Barth is a towering intellect of the twentieth century. This ground-breaking book is further evidence that Barth is important to academic disciplines beyond theology. Paul La Montagne’s work convinced me that Barth’s theology is particularly relevant to the dialogue between theology and the natural sciences. His work helped me to see significant similarities (and differences) between the epistemological issues raised by Barth’ theology and by quantum physics and by the limits of reductionism.
Ross McKenzie, Professor of Physics, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

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  1. NOT for publication...

    Hi Ross,

    Chris Mulherin from ISCAST Vic here... Just wondering if I could have more details on that book? I'd love to get a lengthier summary of it. I'm working on my doctorate on science and faith including Polanyian and Gadamerian ideas.

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