Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Christian view on climate change

John Cook gave a really nice talk Climate change and the weightier matters: A Christian view on global warming in August at the Centre for Science, Religion, and Society at Emmanuel College at UQ.
You can watch the whole talk and/or view the slides on his widely acclaimed blog skeptical science.

Of particular note and concern is the graphic below which shows that those who contribute the least to global warming (poor countries) will be those whose lives will be affected the most. This is a significant social justice issue that Christians should be concerned about.

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  1. Since when have rich Western countries ever demonstrated any real concern for their victims. Which is to say that the prosperity of the now wealthy Western nations was based on the systematic exploitation of the people of what is now called the "third" world.

    Such systematic exploitation is of course still very much the case.

    See for instance:

    Also check out Britain's Empire by Richard Gott for the real truth about the "benevolent" British Empire.