Sunday, October 14, 2012

Australia is "led" by student politicians

This week the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard became an internet sensation when a video of her attacking the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, went viral.

There is a lot to be concerned about here, particularly the context of her speech. It all reflects extremely poorly on both Gillard and Abbott.  They have both failed to exercise servant leadership, act with integrity, and to take responsibility for government.

To me an article in the Australian, Players in a Risky Game by Tom Dusevic, appropriately takes all parties to task. Here is a small extract.

Stripped down to basics, this week showed that the political class is obsessed with "the game", petty point-scoring and the concerns of insiders, rather than the big issues the Australian people expect Canberra to focus on: productivity improvement, education reforms, better hospitals, broadband and roads, indigenous disadvantage or Australia's trading and security interests.... 
The debate in the capital, such as it is, amounts to a collective regression to the sound and fury of student politics (where many of today's leading players learned their trade and found their purpose). 

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  1. But that has always been the case. Which is to say that most/all of what is called politics is just a dramatization of the unconscious unresolved childhood Oedipal patterning of all of the various players.
    Which is to say that most of what is now called parliamentry politics is little more than the theatrical actions of adolescent hoons pissing in the corner and thereby staking their always temporary territory. Or fighting like hungry dogs for the right to chew on rotten maggot infested bones.

    And of couse this culturally destructive psychotic syndrome was developed by the USA right-wing think (stink) tanks in the USA - as described in the book titled The Right Wing Noise Machine by David Brock (a former "conservative" who actually woke up)

    It is course interesting to note that the mad-monk Tony Abbott recently gave a speech to one of the most influential right-wing noise machine outfits, namely the Heritage Foundation (lies, lies and more lies)