Saturday, October 6, 2012

What should motivate Christian ethics?

Christian ethics is the human reaction to the coming of Christ into this world and is an anticipation of his future in the new world. That is why every good Christian ethics ends in doxology, so as with the praise of God to intensify the cry of hope, "Amen, come Lord Jesus!" (Rev. 22:20). For in Christian ethics it must be clear that, we do not make use of God in order to change the world, but we change the world in order to enjoy God, as Augustine said.
Jurgen Moltmann, Ethics of Hope, page 229

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  1. Applied Christian "ethics" 101. ALL of which in their various times and places was done by Christian true believers, and ALWAYS with the backing of the ecclesiastical establishments of their time and place, with NO exceptions.

    And of course the bload-soaked conquest still continues as strongly as ever.

    But dont let the irrefutable blood-soaked evidence get in the way of your pious fantasies!