Monday, February 25, 2013

How are the New Atheists "fundamentalist"?

"Fundamentalist" is a loaded and mis-understood term. Several earlier posts considered the issue from several angles.
One caricature and criticism is that "fundamentalists" claim that no interpretation of scripture is necessary. There is only one correct reading of scripture, theirs. Anyone who disagrees is being ungodly.

This might be classified as the "no interpretation" interpretation.
In some ways this reminds me of the New Atheist [Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchins, Lawrence Krauss, ...] interpretation of science.

Science does not need interpretation. There is no need for a philosophy of science. It is "bleedingly obvious" that:
  • science is true
  • science is the only means to obtain truth
  • the only meaninful and important questions are those which science can answer
  • science provides a basis for ethics
  • science shows the universe has no purpose
  • science proves there is no god or creator
Anyone who denies these claims is just being irrational and unscientific and ignoring the evidence.

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  1. Dawkins has never been high on shrooms. If he ever took a large dose he would recant his views.