Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some reaons why I believe the Gospel of Jesus is true

What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
That he lived, he taught, he died, he rose from the dead, and that he is coming again to judge the world...

Why do I believe it? Why would a well-educated scientist like me believe it is true?

Here are some of the main reasons. I don't think any single reason is particularly persuasive. However, for me when they are put together I find them compelling.
  • it transcends culture and background. through every age people with diverse backgrounds  (ethnicity, education, wealth, social status, ...) have had their lives transformed by believing the Gospel is true.
  • it transcends time and history. after two thousand years of change (scientific and technological advances, political changes, wars, philosophy, literature, music, ...) it is just as relevant and powerful.
  • it transforms societies as well as individuals. whether it is the scientific revolution, the drive to abolish slavery, starting hospitals and schools, overcoming caste, ...
  • the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Why did the disciples change from confused cowards to confident evangelists who were willing to die for their faith?
  • a coherent world view (it describes the nature of humanity, knowledge, ....)
  • the Bible answers the question: why does science work? the universe was created by a God who delights in order and truth, and made humans in his image.
  • the amazing coherence of the Bible and its beauty as literature.
  • the alternatives (atheism, postmodernism, religious liberalism, other religions, ...) are less compelling and raise greater problems and questions.
I would say this is the "rational" basis for my "faith" that the Gospel is true.

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