Thursday, April 25, 2013

How should Christians engage the university?

Terry Halliday is a leading scholar on the sociology of law. In 2011 he gave a very challenging talk Engaging the University at the World Congress of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).
He compares three different models for engagement of Christians with the university.
Pietistic vs. Apologetic vs. Dialogic.
This is probably the most inspirational talk I have heard over the last few years.

[Aside: I first met Terry 25 years ago when he taught a sunday school class at First Presbyterian Church in Evanston, Illinois, which I attended for 18 months.]

There is also a great series of very short videos where Terry is interviewed by Mark Labberton, the incoming President of Fuller Seminary.

A Dialogic Approach

Integrating Work and Christian Faith

The Courage to Face Intractable Issues

Where Faith and Political Action Meet

Christian Faith and Human Rights

How Can Locals Acquire Global Perspective?

Pitfalls and Pietism in America and Abroad

The Wisdom That Comes from the Church Universal

Living as a Christian in the Public Sphere

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