Monday, June 1, 2015

By their fruits you shall know them

What is the distinct about the graduates of Christian colleges and universities in the USA?
Here is the assessment of a Professor at one such institution.
"In too many cases, a Christian perspective doesn't seem to challenge the very configuration of these careers and vocations. To be blunt, our Christian colleges and universities generate an army of alumni who look pretty much like all the rest of their suburban neighbors, except that our graduates drive SUVs, inhabit their executive homes, and pursue the frenetic life of the middle class and the corporate ladder 'from a Christian perspective'…Such an approach reduces Christianity to a denuded intellectual framework that has diminished bite because such an intellectualized rendition of the faith doesn't touch our core passions." (p. 219)
James K. A. Smith, Desiring the Kingdom 

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  1. Maybe too our education ambitions and framework are too narrow? I am convinced we think too much like the Greeks ( detail and pedantry )and not enough like a Hebrew, when it counts. .Lots of effort goes in setting up and sending young people to these education institutions but do they disciple?- most of Christ's disciples can't afford to go there.
    Where do we get that bite ?
    Appearance can be deceptive and I am sure we should not expect to " be noticed "by the world . Just suggested this morning to some wannabes that they should start " Bernards List " - in contrast to Emilies List -Idea here is - where this real Yes minister character is not known for what he knows but his non corruption by the system and his willingness to ask questions!! dumb questions . Pity old Edward Gibbon didn't spend a bit more time investigating the " "Bernards" who helped undermine the Roman Empire.