Friday, July 24, 2015

Environmental conservation and poverty alleviation are intertwined

 I found this video quite inspiring. I thank Ross van Vuuren for bringing it to my attention.

Wildlife conservation benefiting Kenya’s coastal poor from A Rocha International on Vimeo.
Low-income communities are dependent on a healthy environment for their most basic needs such as clean water, food, fuel and medicine. This video shows how families in one of the poorest communities in Kenya, who were over-exploiting their natural resources, are changing their practices and caring for their forests. Why? Because of ASSETS, an eco-bursary scheme which has enabled over 500 students to attend secondary school and involves them and their parents in environmental education. Colin Jackson, Conservation and Science Director of A Rocha Kenya, explains the origins and aims of ASSETS and its significance for some of the most wildlife-rich sites in all Africa.

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  1. A as a space scientist with a faith I have written extensively on this relationship . Our task on this planet is to support those who study and provide space for all . Unfortunately many government AND Aid ( including Christian) agencies have lost sight of this calling and how to study and show themselves approved in it.