Friday, July 10, 2009

A new job for Francis Collins

The New York Times reports President Obama has nominated Francis Collins to be the next director of the National Institutes for Health. Collins was formerly the director of the Human Genome Project and recently founded the Biologos Foundation.

The NIH distributes $30-billion a year in federal money, making it the single largest source of funding for scientific research in the USA.


  1. Hi. Just stumbled on your blog today, and have enjoyed browsing through your posts. I'm particularly intrigued because I have a profoundly gifted stepson who's interested in both theology and quantum physics.

    I see you've done a fair amount of reading and thinking about the intersection of faith and science. If you could recommend one or two books on the subject (by Poythress, etc.) for someone like my stepson, what would they be?

    I appreciate your time and recommendation. (Incidentally, I, along with your dear wife, am a big fan of John Piper.)

  2. Thanks for the encouraging feedback Barry. I just posted some book recommendations.