Saturday, October 3, 2009

Core movie themes? Deliverance and redemption

Several years ago in a sermon, a friend Steve Merritt, claimed that almost all movies centre around the concept of either deliverance or redemption.
At the time this seemed an over-generalisation but then my family discussed it and agreed that many of the movies we had seen did fit this classification. What do you think?

Hence, I was intrigued when I saw this quote from Steven Spielberg, on directing Schindler's List:
In all great drama there's redemption. Without redemption there is no hope. And the one thing I'm never going to give up on is hope... That's the person I am and I can't survice without that in my life.
[I saw the quote in an article about the movie, Defiance, in a VideoEzy catalogue]

What are the greatest acts of deliverance and redemption known?
The Exodus in the Old Testament
The death and resurrection of Jesus in the New Testament

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