Saturday, June 11, 2011

Religion leads to war

Last night, my wife and I watched Elizabeth: the Golden Age. Overall the movie is very nicely done and worth watching. Again there is the usual issue in such a "historical " movie about historical inaccuracies. It is interesting that Cate Blanchett said:
"It's terrifying that we are growing up with this very illiterate bunch of children, who are somehow being taught that film is fact, when in fact it's invention. Hopefully though an historical film will inspire people to go and read about the history. But in the end it is a work of history and selection."
To me the movie clearly illustrates the danger of religion and the associated self-righteous "God is on our side" approach to politics and life. It is also fascinating how in the movie Queen Elizabeth (the Protestant) seeks the counsel of an astrology.

I dislike most movie trailers because they are so brief, so overly dramatic and contain a randomly ordered juxtaposition of scene flashes. However, I really like the extended trailer below.

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