Monday, August 6, 2012

Church in Colombo

Last night my wife and I really enjoyed visiting the English congregation of the Dehiwela branch of the Christian Reformed Church of Sri Lanka. (They also have Sinhalese and Tamil congregations).

The pastor Rev. Charles Jansz gave a passionate and encouraging exposition of John 2:1-12 (Jesus miracle at the wedding in Cana). One thing he pointed out was that the miracle was rather low key in the sense that there were no incantations or dramatic events. It is not clear when the water was converted to wine. But it did happen and was highly significant, pointing the disciples to increased faith in Jesus.
He challenged us to consider that there may be "miracles" happening around us that we just assume are "natural".
This struck me because of an issue I will be teaching this week. God can use "natural" processes to accomplish "creation" of the natural and living world.

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